Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Summer's Cloud.

Summer’s Cloud.

Summer left on a darkening cloud.           
first the sun, and then a mist                                 
across the sky, it formed a shroud.                                               

I thought I should be sorry.                                               
but I wasn't.  
Steamy fields form freezes                                               
that stir the bulbs. 
Fallen leaves contrast tiny tips,                                               
colors red and yellow,                                              
fallen acorns show,
their tips of green,                                                            
a welcome sight.   
As seasons change the guard,                                    
a festival explodes.  
Crisp leaves crunch beneath my feet                                                                                
Thoughts of                                               
cozy nights of fireside                                               
knitting, watching sleeping.                                              

Janice Konstantinidis.